Relying On Your Internet

Relying On Your Internet

  • Why Use A DVR In An Age When Everyone Is Streaming?

    Today, just about everyone is subscribed to one streaming service or another. Even your cable company likely has an on-demand service where you can instantly stream almost any show you want. So why would pay to buy or rent a DVR while living in an age where streaming is so readily available? Well, it turns out there are certain situations where a DVR could still prove quite useful. Here's why you might want to upgrade your service to include a DVR today.

  • 3 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe Online

    Today, the world relies heavily on the internet. Virtually every company in the world could no longer conduct business if they suddenly found themselves without the internet. Families are no different. Parents manage money, schedule doctor appointments, oil changes, and haircuts, play the stock market, plan vacations, renew their vehicle registration, and file their taxes online. Children use the internet daily for school research. Some even attend classes online. Almost everyone participates in social media and uses the internet to communicate with friends and family across town, across the state, across the country, and across the globe.

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Relying On Your Internet

How much do you rely on the Internet? If you watch the occasional streamed television show or check out online stores from time to time, you might not be too worried about temporary outages. On the other hand, if you work from home or depend on the Internet for your banking needs, a few glitches can seriously impact your day. If you rely heavily on the Internet, it is important to develop a good relationship with your Internet service provider. By being calm and polite when you experience problems and communicating with them frequently, you might be able to do that. Check out the information on my website to learn more.