Relying On Your Internet

Relying On Your Internet

Improve Movie And Show Streaming With A New Internet Plan

Dwight Thompson

Watching movies and shows is something you may often do on your own and as a family. Also, your family may enjoy consuming content in their own free time. For the most part, you may watch movies and shows through online streaming services. This makes your Internet plan an enormous factor in your family's experience with watching content at home and offline.

Picking a new Internet plan is an excellent way to improve the streaming experience.

Video Resolution

Upgrading your Internet to one with faster speeds will make it possible to improve video resolution across the board. For instance, you may have grown used to watching content in 720p or 1080p, depending on your current download speeds. A small speed increase allows you to go from 720p to 1080p, while a large one opens up the jump to 4K video streaming.

A great way to find out how much 1080p or 4K content you can watch at home is by asking Internet service providers. Watching 4K content on a single device is a lot less demanding than watching 4K content across two or three devices simultaneously. Assessing your family's streaming habits will help you determine what speeds you get with your plan.


Some streaming services allow their customers to download content to watch offline. So, your Internet speeds will directly impact how quickly movies and episodes download. A slow connection may discourage your family from downloading content on their phones or tablets.

Fortunately, you can pick a better Internet plan to make downloading quick and easy. Getting a gigabit plan allows movies and shows to download quickly.

Data Cap

While it depends on the amount of streaming and video resolution, you may worry about hitting data caps and experiencing fees or slowdowns. Watching 4K content from multiple devices every day can add up quickly. A smart idea is to prioritize Internet providers with huge data caps or none, which should give you peace of mind to watch content freely.

Device Totals

As soon as you upgrade your Internet plan, you can start using more connected devices throughout your home. A slow connection may lead to buffering across multiple devices when everyone in your family is connected at the same time. Luckily, a better plan will reduce or eliminate buffering and allow many smart devices to be used simultaneously without issue. 

Upgrading your Internet is a reliable way to improve your movie and show streaming experience at home. 

Contact an internet provider for more information. 


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