Relying On Your Internet

Relying On Your Internet

3 Tips To Stay Under The Data Cap With An Internet Service Plan

Dwight Thompson

After moving to a new place, you will need to find a home internet service and pick a plan to get internet for your household. Picking a plan with a data cap can make you feel a little concerned about going over the cap, especially when you do not have any experience with them before. Fortunately, you can stay under the data cap by getting creative and strategic in several ways.

Streaming Resolution

Watching content in 4K resolution can consume over 7GB per hour. While you may love the sharpness and level of detail that you get with 4K, you can eliminate data cap concerns by reducing the streaming resolution.

Some streaming providers charge more to gain access to 4K streaming. So, you may be able to downgrade your plan to save a bit of money and reduce your total bandwidth use. Consider lowering the default video resolution for every website where you watch videos. Check all your accounts and devices to make sure the video resolution is reduced for every video played.

Sharing Files

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers all have their own files. If you want to play a PC game with someone in your family, you will need to download it on multiple devices. This is when you should download the game on one device and then share the file to other devices. As a result, you will only use data to download the game once instead of several times.

Being on the same network allows you to share files between devices. Another option is to copy the files onto a flash drive and then copy them onto other devices that need them.


Turn off automatic updates to help you save on data usage. Some games have massive updates that can consume several gigabytes in a matter of minutes. These may be games you have not played for a long time and only have installed if you want to play in the future. By turning off automatic updates, you can decide what software and games you use bandwidth on.

Smartphone app stores are where you will likely find settings to turn off auto-updates. You can also find these settings on digital gaming platforms for desktop computers and gaming laptops.

Choosing an internet plan with a data cap does not have to be something that makes you feel worried. Use these tips to enjoy your new internet without concern about going over the cap.


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