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Must-Have Home Office Phone System Features

Dwight Thompson

If you run your business from your residence's comfort, a professional VoIP phone system is an essential requirement. It is also vital for regular communication from your home. With many home phones available in the market, it can get hard to choose the most suitable needs. Home phones come with sophisticated and exciting features in this tech-savvy age, all designed to make communication effortless. Here are some of the features that your home phone should never miss.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Listening to numerous voicemails can be frustrating, mostly waiting for a caller to reach the end for you to get their phone number. You won't waste valuable time by getting a home phone with a voicemail to email transcription feature. It will automatically change all the voicemail messages into transcripts and forward them to your phone's inbox to be read at your pleasure.

Telemarketer Block

Telemarketers can make your life a living hell. No time is too sacred for them, and they can call you all day, regardless of whether you are busy or not. To deal with these annoying computerized marketing calls, ensure that your home phone has a telemarketer blocking feature. The blocker identifies these calls on the very first ring and hangs up immediately after stopping the number.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Wouldn't you adore a home phone that can effortlessly sync with your smartphone and facilitate a host of functions? Some of these functions include sharing contacts and making or receiving calls on different devices. Better yet, you can pair your home phone with your Bluetooth earbuds/headsets to avoid holding them while calling.


If you love working from home or you're a remote worker, the ability to add people to your call can be a godsend. With conference-calling features, it is possible to support several participants, which broadens communication possibilities significantly.

Call Hunting (Find-Me or Follow-Me)

The best thing about working from home is not being tied to your workstation all day long. However, you can miss a crucial call during the ten minutes you decide to take a break, and it cannot be suitable for business. By getting a home phone with call hunting features, you can answer your phone wherever you are in the house. All you have to do is activate call forwarding, and then your smartphone, upstairs phone, and home-office phone will all ring simultaneously. Alternatively, they can ring linearly; the home-office phone, then the home phone, followed lastly by the cell phone. 

Speed Dial

Speed dial is one of the most fundamental aspects of a phone, but it may not seem essential when choosing a home phone. You will love the freedom of calling long phone numbers by just touching a button. If you have numbers that you call regularly, it makes sense to have speed dial instead of manually dialing them.

With these features, you can use your home phone for various functions that'll make your communication easy and effective.

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