Relying On Your Internet

Relying On Your Internet

Why Use A DVR In An Age When Everyone Is Streaming?

Dwight Thompson

Today, just about everyone is subscribed to one streaming service or another. Even your cable company likely has an on-demand service where you can instantly stream almost any show you want. So why would pay to buy or rent a DVR while living in an age where streaming is so readily available? Well, it turns out there are certain situations where a DVR could still prove quite useful. Here's why you might want to upgrade your service to include a DVR today.

Sports Fans Can't Just Stream Everything They Want

If you love watching sports, but there are times when you won't be home for the big game, a DVR might be the only way for you to see the game later without paying more money. In other words, most major sports leagues have their own streaming packages now and they can quickly get expensive. If you are not subscribed to the service offered by your league of choice, you are not going to be able to watch the full game if you miss it live. A DVR will let you record the action and watch it later once you find the time.

No Dealing with Buffering

There are pockets throughout the country where broadband Internet is still spotty. If you live in one of these areas, you might have a bad time with most streaming services. The content could end up buffering or drop the connection altogether. When you use a DVR instead, you can record the content right onto the DVR's hard drive. You can then play it back and fast forward or rewind as much as you want without worrying about buffering.

Today's DVRs Take Advantage of Technology

You don't even have to be home today to take advantage of your DVR. Many Internet and cable companies now offer a DVR that can be accessed from a mobile app. You can pick the show you want to record, tap on it within the app and set your DVR to record it, all while you are still at work or out running errands. Once you are back at home, you might find that it's possible to set a recording using your voice or quickly search across multiple channels for anything that you want.

Streaming continues to grow in popularity but there are still plenty of situations where using a DVR to record your cable shows still makes sense. Sports fans and those without a solid broadband connection might be especially interested. Contact your internet or cable company today for more information.


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