Relying On Your Internet

Relying On Your Internet

Benefits Of Virtual Workcenters

Dwight Thompson

As computers become faster, cheaper, and more versatile, it becomes easier to equip a workforce that isn't tied to the traditional office. Collaboration across borders and flexible work arrangements allow you to enjoy a productive workforce that enjoys working for or with you because they enjoy life in general, but how can you guarantee a set standard working environment with so many different computer options? With virtualization, colocation, and an internet savvy workforce, you can build a working experience that follows your guidance and bends to employee need at the same time.

Virtualization Reduces Setup Time

The modern office computer is designed with tools that most employees in a particular role will need. Accountants will have spreadsheet software and financial analysis software, graphic designers will have image editing or animation software, and many other types of employees can be categorized into a template that can be copied.

Desktop and laptop computers can be built with an image of what they should be. An image is a configuration that breaks away from the basic, nearly empty setup of a standard computer. These computers will have the necessary software without needing to consult with an Information Technology (IT) department representative to set everything up, which cuts minutes or even hours of time out of employee preparation.

That time can be reduced even further with virtualization. Virtualization is the process of creating virtual or emulated computers (or other resources) within an existing computer. For example, many tech companies test their systems by creating a virtual Apple OSX computer that runs inside a window, even if their testing computer is running Windows or Linux. The "computer" is actually a boxed in set of resources that creates a desktop that runs like an app, but behaves as another computer in a box.

The same image can be configured as needed, but managed in a virtual space that doesn't require an employee's computer. The worker logs into a web service or internal network hosting the virtual computer in the same way they'd visit a website. Simply log on and use the work system with minimal impact on a business-owned or personal computer.

Colocated Resources For Better Hosting

Although virtualization allows a lot of customization on the go, it's still just a web service like any server-hosted service, and that requires a decent network configuration. A virtualization server cluster will manage the virtual computer and host the information delivered to an employee computer across the internet or network of choice.

Running the virtual system and delivering the data as a web resource may not be performed by the same machine, but it's still a lot more resources than a non-technology company should invest in without an already powerful IT infrastructure. You'll need not only the equipment, but the staff to perform maintenance and troubleshooting.

Colocation is a better choice because you can simply manage the resources while using an established tech company's resources as a leased product. The data center handles the hardware, maintenance and system requirements while your IT staff controls what goes on the virtual computer. Don't have an IT staff and need someone to devise an image plan? Make an agreement with the data center to handle virtual computer setup as well.

Contact a data center professional like to discuss your virtualization needs and to select a resource size that fits your needs and budget.


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